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kitchen to increase both its work and capacity. It has been able to

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fectious Diseases Notification Ireland Bill 534 868

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were abandoned and they were gorged with food and stimulated with

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had the pleasure of placing before our readers in full in our

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cosy with warm curtains and signs of womanly occupa

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tented state of mind are not only requisite to recov

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In cases of glaucoma where for any reason an operation cannot

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in which it disturbs digestion and it may have also an injurious

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A very characteristic species recognizjible by its densely flowered axillary

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radical. He had operated thirty t nics since then and

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kind has been proposed which in the opinion of many promises to

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though this were in contrast to external medicine or

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branches given off from the artery between its origin

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tetanns. Later the spores became localized iu the liver

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from nation to nation and tribe to tribe sometimes these moving epidemics

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festations of meningitis are evident especially in fulminant cases. At least three agar

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Japanese scientists and their successors have given

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tagonism between the physicians who had been trained

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trate with lymphocytes and giant cells. It is probable

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study of medicine during some of the obscure years of his

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ficial in predisposing them to heal in phagedenic ulcerations we

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mony was first received. I append also the letter of the Coroner

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increased the utilization of food becoming greater as the

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