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from hemiplegia the patients got well were not cured. So that
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membranous and prostatic portions is possible only through
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always undesirable are especially apt to be produced. Any e idences
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the long series of wars which have followed in quick succession
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be seen enclosed in the same cap.sule having arisen presumably by
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Db. Fobd Dr. McNutt calls it the Continuous Interrupted
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hospitals mobile surgical units and other newly created and specialized
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Then it became a question as to the proper management. I believe it
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smoke of the burning powder it is used to relieve cough
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Cattell ji u Iso shows the unsatisfactory condition of our knowledge
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tions. He gives in particular his subcutaneous method. The
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that the author chose a title sounding so much like
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absorbed into the system to be taken into the blood again
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ble. Special conditions which it imperatively must fulfil are
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larvae mainly of A. culicifacies are so numerous as to make a black
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its lower border could be felt two fingerbreadths below the costal
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such a conveyance it is no more than natural that organs
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pation but many are liable to pauperism if not given technical educa
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Prudhomme Observation d insuffisance aortique causde par une v6gCtation can
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Symptoms. There are no positive subjective symptoms of fibroid endocar
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animals and to males. In exceptional cases they are seen under
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ratory work. Trite as the saying is cooperation in such endeavor
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after the application of the ligatures profuse second
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the operation was performed. In each case the desired result has been
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Dr. William Osier of Baltimore read a paper on the Olaas
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l gt een opened six years and a half and during that
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contain a serous fluid are of slow growth single and after remoral show
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firmed by necropsy at that time the colour index had again become
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thirty six per cent. Under the peculiar circumstances of
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of the tongue the left floor of the mouth the middle
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Sphygmograms made in the manner already described show clearly that the
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capsule and exploded with a shower of sparks near the motor

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