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tubercle bacilli. One cubic centimeter of the caseous contents
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small branches of an artery sprung which wiere allowed ta
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symptoms suddeidy returned. He began to reject everything from his stomach
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Sexualis Philadelphisie 1893 tantum duos casus inter muli
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yield to such opposition and hence dilate. In consequence of
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feed an ounce and a half. Boil them togciber till the curd
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live and know nothing of the current literature of the day betokens an
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pjeffe euerie omce anD fctence b it felfe tyat b meanes of
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fixed on the minds of men that when a man becomes insane
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limitless energy. He is one of the few men connected
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added in a fourth column the percentage obtained from his aver
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in which it disturbs digestion and it may have also an injurious
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During the last seven years the college terms have been lengthened
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A hearty vote of tlianks was passed to the Chairman of
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noids polypoids or submucous fibroids within the uterus. A
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took appropriate measures to prevent shortages becoming deficiencies. Simi
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appearance with the relapse.of fever said Path. Trans
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As myopes usually have little power of accommodation be
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and there are many cases of extensive involvement of the
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well. The most important antecedent was syphilis from which the patient
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ble the same as that in which they will have to live
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Nov. 402 1902b 914 1902c 955 1902d 787 1902e 993. Douglas 1903
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viduals were wholly forgotten unless by immediate relatives to whom the lost
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streptococcus pyogenes. After an injury to the foot an abscess
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voluntary muscles are generally relaxed the arms hanging loose by the sides or
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tuberculin administration now in use at the New York Polyclinic
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tion even considered the sclieme much less endorsed it.
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constantly receiving pollution which floats and which is being
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first heating were in the resistive spore stage ger
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I iDcreaae in the flow of saliva and gastric juice and powerfully j
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Gastritis arising from retained contents by causing
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The action of cupping glasses is of course the same in principle.
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breath upon the 15th October 1564 six months less eight days
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Various investigators notably Roger and Garnier Shimodaira and
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An independently owned Journal of Medicine and Surgery nub
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mination will be at the point of greatest convexity of the
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Interspecialty Section physicians become involved in
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The author recommends the following position The patient drops
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juries received. The commissioners in lunacy have held an inquiry into
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Pharmacopoeia is met with in the form of brilliant scales semitrans
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four hours. Following routine procedure the tissue was sectioned
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domen but especially over appendix and right ovary.
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Material was provided for the establishment for dressing sta
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permanent and well marked nasal obstruction which is not due to injury
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For drinking purposes distilled water is used. The food is excellent
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increase of the population remains at a standstill but much more
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capsules of the Rottlera Tinctoria an East Indian plant belonging
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ering the fatal result may fairly be credited to the cantharides.
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cially when the patient has been kept to his bed overheated in
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case of peritonitis having a rapid and fatal termination has been re
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the first post on Wednesday inorning. Persons interested should
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sistant surgeon. It consists of a small metal plate about
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chamber into a right and a left half. This septum how
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into any place which can possibly hold them and many a bfoJtto

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