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pyloroplasty etc. But in this case it followed such au

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The loop arteries paralleling the bowel are ligated at points

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severely after vaccination and probably the liability

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same time active or furious delirium tincture of digitalis in drachm

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limit the ei gt il of prostitution afidto curtail the misery

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time. The intramuscular injection of neosalvarsan is used in a great

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lithotomist wrote an important Treatise on Diseases of the Arteries

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tality was usually but not always in the cities with a

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average number of doses administered in successful cases was eight in

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slides were then stained witli a 10 aqueous solution ofeosin

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heavy or light is beside the mark the amount contracted

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largely of the means calculated to relieve such symptoms as endanger the

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time before he hits it again a pebble placed in the

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headship. In later times the middle and lower classes began to

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the animal was sacrificed on the loth day at which time the

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patients absolute rest for three days and nights after the injection

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The following table has been kindly drawn up for me

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nature of elemental spontaneous cooperation. For this we must

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and discomfort attending the use of the syringe there is the

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ceived that a further notice must be deferred to another week.

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from the beginning to give the joint a chance of recovery with

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a point corresponding to its entry. Making traction

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pulver is. Aloe genitive not aloeis but aloes adding s and

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arteriosum Kraus etc. He reports a case of heart disease in

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