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nock who explained on the witness stand that he had
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improving and does not trouble me more than once a day month. I
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In the diagnosis of the various forms of meningitis aside from
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the seat of the deposit to the parenchyma of the kidney external
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just perceptible at the temporal in a week and the boy
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by some authors and seems estabhshed by several good recorded cases.
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We have gone into the m tt Cr carefully at least as
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suggests the probability that the various theorists have made some false
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viceable in colic tetanus chorea and irritable cough. Dose of the
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and professional experience. The pucumococcus witli
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case 44 decreased and in another case 45 normal. The total blood
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cooperate Or does some grave posture of affairs which estab
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turf had he been more judiciously handled and not trotted such
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cerning the scolopendra or hundred footed insect as is de
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Council in recent months had had to face an organized
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for some form of chronic infection of the nasal ac
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The patient evidently had an intestinal obstruction and from the con
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and a protw ris about which arc sirkh Shtr m hooJchtn in nuT
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of such cases some form of infection is to be regarded as
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stage they necessarily involve peripheral stimuli which
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are somewhat dry their numbers decrease and only on the onset of
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icteric or suppressed. This feature of urinary suppression de
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capsule of the joint should be freely incised and a
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for the removal of adenoids have been collected by Hinkel.
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with the fall of auricular rate when single doses of the drug
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tionally of five Ihiks. He notes the fact of the great difference
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came under my care. She had been judiciously treated in the north of
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otherwise called mesmeric I have no experience and cannot

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