L. Ron Hubbard
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contained eggs or larvae capable of transmitting hookworm disease

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tration. That this property is less marked when administered as a

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acid depreaaes and paralyzes the peripheral sensory nerves.

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Prussian War and afterward founded a private clinic 1881 and a hospital

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and those which are pronounced and permanent. The early symptoms are

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and with this object in view one should begin at the foundation

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ful dose until the bowels are acted on or relief is

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hours. If the finer tubes are involved the preparations of ammonia

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turbance. The acute symptoms of alcoholism delirium tremens

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processes must be analyzed and classified in terms of energies agents

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The above suggestions are applicable to the present installations. None

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the patient. He or she applies for relief of weakness paleness

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It causes the most important cattle disease in Uganda.

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Dr. Peters said that the presentation of this case recalled one he had

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