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comparing the resultant ventricular curves. In two cases no

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counter extension overcomes the internal pull of all the rotators and

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ine Oase or anterior extremity is articulated by a slichtlv oval and

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the procedure is a delicate one and should be carried out

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Morison Eeuling Samelson and others also report congenital deficiency of

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here ritten is equally true regarding horses and cattle. Many of

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might carry out both these worthy objects. I was appointed treasurer

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ol attack and even hear general and local depletion better than at an

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lated loop of intestine. It is noteworthy that in all such

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was very small hardly exceeding 1550 patients. Both of these

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work on Minor Surgery we can cordially recommend Dr. Wharton s

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profession probably his most distinguishing charactereistic was the per

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or six inches long and two or three wide on the exten

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many days without any tendency to hemorrhage the case in nine out of

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A thoughtful paper on this theme by Dr G. W. Thompson was

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the dair cows in this country are suffering from this disease

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and intercostal arteries leads to defective nutrition of the respiratory

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The Neutralization of Virus of Poliomyelitis by Nasal Washings.

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urceolis 1.5 mm longis eleganter campanulatis margine tenuissimo cinc

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that might appeal to many types of students. He uses

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sent and Collins and Murphy have found a similar combination of

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Listerlne is kept in stock by the leading dealers in drugs everywhere.

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should be based if possible upon the correct name of

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the clever one and oftentimes cares nothing about his

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Cause Debility and bloodless condition of the system

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tion or steadying influence which the corpus striatum is supposed to exer

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hideous misery and constant agony is worse than death following close

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It was decided to aspirate immediately. The patient was placed

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our researches we met with much that was interesting with regard to the

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but coated. The patient was quiet and taking eggs beaten up milk

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the bodies of the vertebrae and their epiphyseal rings. The disease is

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after measles in which a similar absence of the expectoration was observed.

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there was again an epileptic seizure and from that time they

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nasal passages and the uvula had sloughed away entirely.

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make clearer their relationship to the foregoing. The lt in

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The number of practitioners of medicine in the State of Delaware

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neither hot nor biting. It shonld be gathered in the signs of

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qucRt de La Motte is due the improvement of obstftric diagnoeis by digibJ

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respect a man who had no feeling for dumb animals a heart

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Nervous system normal. Section 2 from the body of the

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masticatories and the lamhitives the vapours and the

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MacMahon hustles the table and desk out into the hall.

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Randolph at the Garfield Hospital and later referred to the

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recognized in London that practitioners were permitted

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The list herewith shows the order which the bill pro

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that the heart was dilated but further than that and

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every week with paitient s name illness and remarks.

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deposit of small spheroidal cells in the lymph spaces surrounding the swollen

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officers of the rank of surgeon major surgeon or assistant surgeon shall

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reorganizations in that office the Medical and Hospital Procurement

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mable unto their doctrines. It is evident that Aristotle trans

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