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the nutriment of the pullet may also be considered since

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it possesses the property of dissolving iodine in laise quantity form

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the ants in the following manner The edges of the wound having been

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toxic but that the evidence is as yet incomplete as to whether

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iif the House who at the last moment refused to per

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into 3ouoer 3 put it into a fine eartben papnteb pot tfceti

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water on his head face and chest and put some to his lips

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It causes the most important cattle disease in Uganda.

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such a kind as to make its reading a pleasant occu

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freely and unorudgingly rendered to the inmates of these

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direction would be a matter of very serious moment and would

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whence the boeinoirhage came and laying the compresses over an ulcer

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coma in 3 delirium in 3. The mind unimpaired in 6 cases

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can be considered gall bladder disease until proven otherwise.

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acute mycosis is met with in no human infection. He

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applications in vain was cured by very large dofes of opium given

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it prodnces no effect for Beveral hours but after that time

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Symptoms. Yellowness of conjunctivae and skin. Saffron hue or brownish

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several cases in which it has been supposed to have

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haemoglobin does not give rise to reactions in the dialysate.

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a difficult piece of watch repairing he found the vision of the

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Brewers yeast is given in tablespoonful doses three times a day. Blue

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origin and progress of our several departments in their march through

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The autopsy showed an ulcer of the stomach with an eroded

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Cow. A mature female bovine that has given birth to one or mon

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served in fat hogs having little or no shelter in the summer

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the knowledge gained b previous cases as to which are more

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could not wisely be advised although Fry pleads for

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clusive medication. As much as 2 grammes and 80 centigrams

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chronic discharges from remote mucous passages such as the

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obser ed the characteristic sulphur yellow granulations found in

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whose membership had never been transferred to Wilkes attended the

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profession where to send their patients but to make a few com

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elucidation particularly in what regards the tfeat nent. My object

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duce decided aphrodisia and cause sleep and in large doses to occasion

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a siuglecoil spring. The vertical rods act as oil reservoirs

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quantities of yellowish liquid were pouring out over the skin

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generally absent in the sclerotic patches but sometimes at the

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the result of deficient oxygenation. The heart and liver

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with dilatation of the ureters and renal jielves and

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discussed. Discussions include diagnosis and both conservative and surgical

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article to the British Medical Journal and in 1890 he

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fold the mysteries of this ca e and only made such slow

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requisition usually once a week on a specified day from the medical

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Suppose the disease to have first made its appeai cince the partd

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closure of the abdomen. On the right side the ovary

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varies inversely as the square of the distance from

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women greatly reduced the percentage of chances of infection

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seven hours afterward. A sixth case which occurred in October 1834 is

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great one. The fir.st duty of every general is to defeat the

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from the floor After some persuasion he came down but

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individual cases the patient will show weakness of the hind

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General cystic degeneration may occur gradually in adults owing to

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tion of woman and the equalization of the sexes the physician

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little slim and nervous individuals. Friederich relates p.

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ease in infants apparently gonorrheal consecutive to

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menter la devotion de quelques uns mais pour moi je vous

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Nature exerts herself in the preparation and digestion of certain

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The course of instruction embraces the preparation and study

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bia introduced into both Houses of Oongress which was re

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when small ulcers appeared on both legs following an attack of blue

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