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his brain. He should not be allowed to drink any cool water

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vertical position Cidex position. Prolonged submersion empties the

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Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithson

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Both eyes are bandaged for three days and the sound one is then

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than in the parasite. This tendency manifested itself in a peculiar way.

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Mediterranean and Oriental vessel coming up the Thames but

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the College have no control. Thus under the head of Rates and

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dictums and I think your sense that something was amiss and it

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his chair or out of bed. The legs are actively engaged some

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poju after the subsidence of the toxaemia. But if thepatient

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not constant. In two cases it was not possible to show any

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self along these lines with her clever short stories.

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ventricular diastole. Such a theory of cardiac mechanism may have

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adjacent or distant structures of the functions that are

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week s driving and this is doubtless whatever may be said of the

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cells were tlirown do Ti by centrifugation and washed three

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the hyaline fibrin outlining greatly distended air spaces in the lungs. It was

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a far vaster cosmic process from homogeneity to heterogeneity.

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pated this would be more of a pathological meeting than otherwise

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is pleasing and the eye is particularly clear and fairly prominent. A

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to him or the front bearer. If necessary a bandage or strap

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a general tonic. Chinoidine pills however in warm weather get soft and

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slight mental confusion or with rapid return to consciousness. The tem

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occurrence of Froin s syndrome xantliochromia ot the

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usually wear bandages technically called jock straps

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milder grades of hypertrophy. Measurements of the heart s walls are

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tonnage difficulties were under our estimated need. Although cable after

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have to be made as far as possible harmonious and analysis has to

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Dr. Edmund Leser. Professor an der Universitat Halle

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mixed with shining green particles and in less quantity from the

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now we stand en the threshold of the recently impos

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small and the discharge of considerable portions of the organs

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which it was united by fine silk ligatures. After pressing and mould

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example of transmission after six weeks of isolation

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M. Archambaud had obtained 21 cures among 67 operations

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in our schools and especially that among the junior Candidates for the Fellowship

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shall hope to see an expanded edition later on which should be

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the phenomena of hypnotism properly so called for as I have

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effects of rarefied and compressed air I was struck with the fact

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consumptior scrofula cancer and others which entail Immense

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severe disease which may arise idiopathically or may supervene on

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indications give a clue solely to the intensity of this associated pheno

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Leonard E. L. Bacterium cyanoum A new chromogenic organ

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except at one small spot where the bullet impinged upon them. No

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legal profession treats the crime problem from inflexible laws that do

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pigs. The author has already expressed his conviction that the Weil Felix

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of chronic infection. These animals have a lowered resistance

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tearing the kidney substance the left kidney itself

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of the back of the sacral region for example. In the many familiar

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which predispose to the development of tabes as well as

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What is the most important factor in the prevention of repair

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contains the determinants of the one parent the other half contains

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In young dogs and cats unilateral thyro parathyroidectomy alone

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doctors of the District should never do craniotomy

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children are so generally associated. I do not think that Dr.

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its distinctive effect upon bacteria for the following

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Latterly he has been stationed at Quetta as principal medical officer

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The swelling is freely movable painless and soft in consistency. It is rarely

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carrying a weight in front and accommodates her spine

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the ideal antispasmodic. To stimulate the bowels to increased action

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