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baise les mains et suis de tout mon ccvur votre. etc.

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as mentioned above but I would not hesitate to do the

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Treatment is difficult and of the numerous methods suggested

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been put down to the presence of a slowly spreading en

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ing cold and heat we may accelerate the blood supply and

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soft. Pelves dilated their mucous membrane and that of the ureters and

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which concerns us as gynecologists is biliary lithiasis

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cause. The disease spreads in epidemic manner appearing

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character could be pressed in some quantity from the central

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sive pressure yet this process results in the still birth

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its junction with the hard palate. Behind are the vertebral bodies

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I had plenty more to quote if necessary to illustrate

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Luke suggested for brief consideration the example the

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curred in those sera in which the cerebrospinal fluid

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floor and the feet becoming dry hard and contracted.

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the courtesy of Dr. Ashby of the Manchester Children s

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is almost painless. Nevertheless the breathing is quicker on the

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to simulate laryngeal phthisis but the voice tnough weak or even whisper

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people. x point well worthy of note in this connection is that

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the females have produced several cles which occurs between the

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light therapy electrical treatment and various other

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it knows no political boundaries. The discovery of the tubercle

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chance of recovery and in view of the septic condition of the

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to the malady. These cases all gave a history of suffer

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hoped that the true status of other organs credited

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being comparatively small considerable grain will be washed

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motic spots and deep blue black lines which were caused

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Cholera. The introduction of the disease in Manila is

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wide extent while one branch of it hypnotism is steadily

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that there was no evidence ot hysteria in the case but that

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These atelectatic areas were sometimes the seat of inflammation at the time

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from time to time with 10 per cent solution of lactic acid. In

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would be of incalculable benefit to the American medical

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The venereal clinic established in Chattanooga by the

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Commissioners while that body existed the Board of Public Safety

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inability to gain access to the lungs only through the circula

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The authors incline to the view that hydnocarpic acid is

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in the same quarters. In this family the mother was consumptive when

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tube firmly bound down. The tube was enlarged. The patient made a

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study of their attachments and the leverage which this allows them to

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Nearly always irritation of the digestive tract is the cause.

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mediastinum. The appearance of a tumour through the chest wall is of

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Office is anxious to have this made clear because a small

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sacrificed the loss is limited to the pelvic end. The injury is

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per cent. respectively of saccharose. In the 40 per cent solutions the

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the merozoites develop into more resisting forms or gametocytes. In

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The English blow fly Calliphora erythrocephala common in England

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and fearlessness. His first wife surviving all her children

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greenish diarrhea and vomiting. The treatment began

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each sentence slowly and carefully after the parent. Later when progress

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established the first signs of this process appearing about the hair follicles.

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vember 28th that in view of the danger to the public

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anlitetanic serum administered. The next day he compla. e

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Kidney complications demand treatment which shall be adapted to the

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tion of any given method of localisation are first a rigid

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