L. Ron Hubbard
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numbers attaining this standard were found to vary widely

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recorded by Parkes. It was found that when the ration of rum was

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Man is the third essential factor for the spread of malaria without

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cured of symptoms by incision of the capsule and renal puncture.

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general furunculosis in diabetics or as the result of excessive use of

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held in his hand a stop watch whilst Mr. Lax minuted

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Tho Herofords named from the county of Hereford England wore

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together with sutures with the view of securing healing

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superficial laceration by aberration. In every case in which

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ing of cells into nests or alveoli. They are of rather common

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activity collects around them. This poison therefore

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traumatism again in instances where there has been superficial

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Medical College Surgeon to St. John s Hospital Mem

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Teuton the Negro and the Mongol as also the striking

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which the physiological action is actually known thanks to the

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mitting digital access to the posterior. AVith the arm in

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Professor Bartlett s philosophical works are also of

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was due to streptococcus toxins or to metastatic infection with

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motor system unable to withstand the stress of advancing years.

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son pot et de quelques millions de gens oiseux que saint

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the fascias periosteum and other fibrous structures accompanied by pain

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Wbca tbo disease ts somewhat extensive signs of dilaUtion and

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To the Editor. During the week of the meeting of the As

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glass of vinegar or four drachms of sulphuric acid. In your case

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with the conclusion of peace but would then take up all questions

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waters of the St. Joseph had his joyous anticipations unexpectedly

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amendmeuts to recommendation on para. 62 p. 112 That this

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been torn aud two or three catgut or silk sutures are

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with these patients during the period which they spent in Savenay preliminary

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obtained by gentle scarifications of the reddened area

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Columbus Ohio Citizen but published in the January issue of

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glaucoma. He has drawn particular attention to the atrophy of the

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the use of a single morphological characteristic have been recognized

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appearance with the epidemic and its relative absence

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there is a loose infiltration of leucocytes chiefly polymorphonuclears. The

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August and there the same statement appears boldly as if it

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The advantages claimed for this operation over that

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what he terms good results in a still larger percentage whereas his

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The examination produced an expulsive cough which cocaine allayed

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covery he introduced the term apkemia or motor aphaaia

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almost too warm in the gay sun shiny street without and

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bovine species but secondary diseases of this membrane on the other

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has no influence on the incidence of rickets. While the

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improvement in the general condition. In six cases of

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The Territorial Decoration has been conferred upon the follow

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on abdomen one in median line just below xiphoid process

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both sexes. The San Lazaro or leper hospital in the out

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