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admitted to the medical wards during a period of eight months.

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Bnchan was wont to recommend. To compare Bnchan s do

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that some of the alcohol is excreted into the stomach.

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stipation and chronic bronchitis. Doses of j grain of

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tember lOtli p. 418 from the Encyclopedie Francaise d Oph

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constant phenomena and that many of these atypical rheu

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one hour before ojirral imi th. ihil.l niAm hrralhi il after re

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three grains of the extract of belladonna. The dermal manifestations such

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be given consideration. The Society has received in dtations

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entr pour vne cerlaioe part 4 u9a leur composition.

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this interesting subject. The state of lethargy and

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prisms or plates or heavy white crystalline masses or

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i The result of these tumors protruding through the

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his chair or out of bed. The legs are actively engaged some

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the earlier observers requires to be done over again. There are

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can be arrived at. Has she any other urogenital symptoms

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thousand men 4.51 in every thousand terminating fatally. There

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signs of the disease upon other regions. These same points are of value

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In the first place the houses of prostitution are given

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Councillor Olshausen of Halle has accepted the invi

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tary extract. Enthusiastic reports sent around by the

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the disease is unilateral or the sepsis acute operative treat

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Eastern and Southern Insane Hospitals the Soldiers and Sailors.Monu

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great tniuhle w is the descent of the pcriton eum with a

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has not been previously described. It is difficult to account

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a certain susceptibility upon the part of the individual

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problems treated was an aid which from the first steps permits no

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Professor Hirth of Munich was for two years superintendent

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past seven weeks of the current quarter the metropolitan death rate

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fluence of the spray it will be effectual even then

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and may endanger the life of the patient so that it is difficuli

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matter held in solution in water above the minute quantity usually

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do not lay excessive stress and the existence of an imaginative

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potansa cum calce are mainly of value as escharotics. Liquor

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and one onion chopped tine one teacup vinegar two table

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Material was provided for the establishment for dressing sta

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fever gradually subsided and he became torpid and ultimately coma

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should first be anointed then to be unmersed in the solium.

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period and this again on the nature of the jrevious diet.

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hospital work. It is hoped by this means to increase the

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remedy baaed upon laboratory research data and confirmed

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pain. These effects usually reach their maximum in from

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factory work T gt f reference for the practitioner Chicago

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investigations and teachings show that the disease is

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deferred to the opinion of my colleagues who considered

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ecBscRiPTioN PR rumNo POSTAGE sufficicnt extent to exactly determine the situation of the

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Rupture of one of the lateral sinuses has also been

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ably therefore though I have no statistics more successful in that they

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expeditious removal of all underlying fat from the graft

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below the age of three years there were no signs of

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grows more wrong and still more wrong. Studying human ailments might be

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report found in the Bulletin General de Tlieraj entiqnc by a year.

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no subscription fines for unpunctuality in forwarding

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cultures were made from the tongue and pharynx after 10 minutes

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contraction of the arterioles which mainly controls the extent of the resist

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gastric region extending 10 12 centimetres above the symphysis.

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chyma surrounding the brain and cord and it separates the pia from the

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were maintained and how pleased the patient was and

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