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of the big commercial houses so that the serum treatment in Type I
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premises of Messrs. BurrouRhes Wellcome amp Coy. in
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Members of the Club letters on the Dublin Lions by Samuel Haughton from
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monic and to what extent the pleuritic elements respectively are present. From
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Professor of Hygiene Faculty Sao Paulo Brazil 61 Broadway New York
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and it was found that outside of the cases definitely stated
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which Dixon and Lee describe. Their rabbits showed twitchings tremors par
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and are arranged in a dense spiked club shaped raceme ecdyx five
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first nucleic acid is nonprotein practically a glu
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nebulization has been greatly enhanced by the produc
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the 16th January in his forty sixth year. The deceased who was born
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has so baneful a tendency when used medicinally that phy
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uated living cultures of avian tubercle bacilli I was able to
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passing from it the case is one of closed tuberculosis.
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symbols and probably of objects situated in the posterior jxirtion of the
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is normal with no impairment of resonance. In the low er part
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Sansom agreed as to its occurrence but rejected Money s explana
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the tube in this manner in eight cases and in seven
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true glanders is easy if recourse is had to the method
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cautery which in conjunction with the administration of ergot and
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w as as to the State charities. Governor Whitcomb established a record
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same time and finally rinsed in sterilized water. When the.
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some animals the lesions were not very evident and it
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search in problems of hygiene as one of the most im
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laryngitis would then be a much more frequent accompaniment
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and friable. The bronchial glands were enlarged the lungs
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The widest differences of opinion exist as to the rela
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administration and recently acting Junior H. 8. at the
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reported in the British Medical Journal of February
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death which she seemed to have felt acutely she constantly heard
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state of the heart and great blood vessels. The swollen
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potassium in small doses thrice daily has proved very useful in the
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the dressing is especially physical. If these conditions are thoroughly
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ing the plaster over with it and then with a little gaso
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lowing conditions a In the leurisy of asthenic states such as cancer
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muscular tissues created also the elements of the vessX Titertes
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may be administered every fifteen or twenty minutes gradually in
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of the Anaesthesia sexualis feminarum or Dy parcunia A. i in a
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the comparatiN cly small number of cases on record with more
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seldom that he will abstain from sexual connection entirely 1
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Iloxburijhshire Local Jledical and Panel Committee
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remained but to soothe his sufferings by opium and nourishment and
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pupil and it is said that the effect is more enduring. But apart
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Edward Peele on the occasion of whose widely lamented death they
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blood movements due to an inherent elasticity of tissue acted on
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ner s paper is one presented in the symposium on Headache
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resemblances to those that would be produced by an acute
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are occupied by indurations the result of extravasation of blood into
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case and peptone and albumoses have been observed occasionally.
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have little knowledge of the underlying causes of selectiva
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were put out on the parade ground in tents. They had talked
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which the bubble fountains were suspected to be a factor in transmitting
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turbidity is generally caused by eating too much meat or
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should be entirely forbidden at first but with increasing secretion of
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since I have begun the use of the eucalyptus emulsion the
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pieces usually from one to three inches in breadth always obscurely
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girdle is frequently implicated and the muscles affected are the pectorals
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inflammatory changes extend to the entire thickness of the corium in
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Quinine sulph. 3 grs. methylthionine hydrochloride me
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