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should be provided lor is a question for the legislature
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sacraments at communion and no special marriage services.
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form for that particular case. The intestinal tract should
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J ai ici rencontre nn nomine Fraguier apothicaire qui m a
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under the same conditions and observed daily in order that
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pregnancy though it may be that the development of urgent symptoms has
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ed by it. When common means have failed success has
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and letters and the contents of his waste basket and
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still keep before me the element of dilatation and when
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arrangement was modified so that requisitions for medical supplies required
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passed in other races. Their country is aptly called a Peasant
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chromicized catgut sutures two passed transversely and one
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times proves of value esiMJcially in the erythematous varieties of the dis
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whence it ran across the arm to the outer end of the
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Toronto Department of Public Health this is done and
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which it is sold. Of course a thorough knowledge of the business must
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the child and the mother. But I do not think the facts
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is simply ignoring the first elementary notion of sanitary
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Dr. Waterston then moved a proposition in favour of
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b t of these the liquor ferri sesquichlorati is dangerous owing to
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any reference each to the other or to the Dominion as a
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these few to my mind very unsatisfactory. Since his
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claasifictttion aocordtDg to ab ea but rstlier tbo rcrcrsa Vlien bow
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At the point is provided a screw cap ferrule X under which
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examined the wound. The match went out amid a splutter of bullets
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which has very distinct characters. It is very common in the northern
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no relief will be secured till this factor is overcome. Iron in some
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was the nineteenth week of this year in twenty of the largest English
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larger than before. Laparotomy was performed by an oblique in
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A large number of the fibres entering the posterior
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the approximate time of onset. Similar information was secured
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degree. By relaxing the renal vessels it is diuretic the water
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as a thermic agent is best indicated by its extensive professional
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cricket ball on the elbow and periosteal inflammation followed. Ulti
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fibers is only to be conjectured. We do know however
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s anptoms not severe and no high fever. There is usually a large
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tically jusft as efficient measures at hand is to say the least bad
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maltose are fermented with the production of acid and gas.
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representation they have no representation at all. In the
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cle ith thick sticky eeretion. It is frequently induced by exnal
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usually no difficulty. The more acute causes vomiting unless its upper margin
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and very painful and the itching beyond endurance. Great comfort was
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ease is not caused by insufficient alimentation. This beneficial
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drinking water. This amount or one tea spoonful powdered would be the
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the urethra Vaginismus Displacements of the uterus versions
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cansed by the extension of a morbid process from adjacent organs or
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the sexual instinct uncontrollable desire for liquors
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phetic eye can clearly discern the issue. So long as scientific workers
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that a small or very moderate sized tumour may most readily escape
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progress is unsatisfactory or an attempt at delivery fails. This pro
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tend to collect about the teeth. Large diffuse ulcers sometinies oooa
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out and found completely reduced without signs of type of
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T y small quantity. Pressure by means of a graduated series of
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this had been d gt uo snccumbed. The total quantity of
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the intestinal contents were not sufficiently liquid to pass
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cultivation they multiply vigorously in glycerin bouillon and can
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actually plugged with masses of tumor cells evidently indi
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that the definiteness and character of pathological cells corres
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previously to the inoculation of the vaccine virus the vaccine inocula

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