L. Ron Hubbard
 Spiritual Pioneer

on plants and animals particularly on marine animals during the

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place the quantities injected are much less the pain is not

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Only authorized translation into the English language from

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complete account written by Dr. Can el The Treatment of Infected

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early in the session by the State Charities.Aid.Associa

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and sections were stained in ha matoxylin and eosin.

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doric as saying For it is not necessary as Roger and Roland

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to falsification in returns of disease and particularly

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disease was the most potent cause of death in Ireland con

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ican troops on transports and for native Porto Rican and Filipino

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seven occurred hetween the months of December 1847 and Feb

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tormented by insane ideas on this subject and it is one which

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and parcel of the city s medical department. It was

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gain no condemnation is too strong and no punishment too severe for

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Medical College of Pennsylvania and although I am com

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blankets Miss McArthnr s liniment next following is cheap and good

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depriyed of these means the same heroic practitioners will not misuse in the

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the mortality in acute appendicitis to insignificant

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by reason of the methods by means of which these were attained

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Pressure upon the oesophagus will vary from slight narrowing to

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IS San Luis Park with an area of some 10 000 square

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brown sediment consisting of epithelium red granules of hjemo

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ments of course were made as occasions required but I more

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It was made clear that the original change in the hyper

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L eveehe de Macon a ete donne au I de. Hours eveque

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of fat are added daily in the form of butter containing

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all concerned of their being allowed to secure continued

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SYMPTOMS. Pain generally aggravated at night very acute if

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effusion into the cavity. For instance a pleural effusion

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though it does not render him a good investment scientifically

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particular fold which finds a place in the table 25 frankly con

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relation to morphoea scleroderma or keloid and this is conso

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Illrd IVth and Vlth nerves. Wilson and Pike 15 suggest

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the health and lives of a hundred millions of persons.

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When I saw him late at night he was suffering intense

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mum amount compared with those of normal animals with normal glycogen con

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neighborhood of which smaller foci are present. As a rule

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in India with living cultures of Vibrio cholerae with encouraging results

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teristic of adrenal cortex than of normal corpus luteum

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ploys insuftlated pure chloretone a white crystallnc

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added a deep coloration is produced violet with the

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Dr. Coleman s observation at present go to establish that milk is

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the summit of the fundus it extends in the form of a

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cent. Mook has reported a case of dermatitis in a dentist due

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to the development attained by the worm inside each tumour. The

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Drop doses of creasote iodine and carbolic acid may be given. The dilute

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still constitutes the most important contribution to the subject.

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myself with some aromatic smelling substance alleged to

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object of really careful study in Ijovine pathology but there is no doubt

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House of Representatives 6oth Congress 1st Session page 3 paragraph 10

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are seen to proceed slowly from the cathode to the anode.

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The report pointed out inter alia that the candidates examined

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in point of frequency the arytaenoids and the arytaeno epiglottidean folds

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especially its anterior division began in a persistent thymus. Virchow

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This will open up research opportunities relating to platelet transfusion.

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the flames. Should this happen our army veterinarians would

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