L. Ron Hubbard
 Spiritual Pioneer

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and a successful operation performed afterward. In an

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The resignation of Assistant Surgeon E. M. Steger was

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movements are confined to the pyloric end the fundus showing no

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his legs. He stated that he had been in failing health

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owing to circnmstances to avail themselves of the ad

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to give to the blistered surface the appearance of a miliary eruption. Here

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haemorrhages of puberty to lack of development but he

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the galvanic current to the spine daily by tbe hot spinal douche auil

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themselves do not appear to have thought of presenting them

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volatile oil. A pound of the plant yields about four grains of

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jures the lungs. Needless coughing must be controlled by will power. Medi

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the ventral cornu of the spinal cord. The richest of the sensory

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lapse into the prnnitive life of nomads it might be

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ly. The congress will meet again at the ne.xt Inter

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infections but neither test is available commercially in the United States Alter

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nute anatomy both normal and pathological and in aetiolo

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marked originality great clinical sagacity and power of observation

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near a magnetic needle the needle will be deflected if it is passed

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Patricia Philippines Pretoria Prince Frederick Wilhelm Zeppelin.

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nevertheless will prove it the cause of the disaster. It has also been

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windows are cut. An ordinarj penknife is quite sufficient for

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gave a history of chorea and out of 121 admissions for chorea

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The blood is dark and fluid. The microscopical alterations are those of a

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as showint the bony outLrrowths of osteo irthritis. In elironic casts of both

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It was also admitted that the presence of tubercle was an evidence of

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due to Sir Thomas Moriarty Mr. Mathias Mr. Carmichael and other surgeons

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seven hours afterward. A sixth case which occurred in October 1834 is

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trunk. The hysteric invalid is especially liable to

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ufe left upper arm about 2 in. above the elbow and emerged

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there was a severe type of epilepsy from two to four

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occasionally purulent or haemorrhagic. There is always much fibrinous

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ductal cells presented similar changes and occasionally were desquamated.

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tinguish the nature of surrounding objects yet the pupil contracts

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Blood serum containing spores dried in a thin layer

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testinal obstruction is ceasing to be the opprobrium

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demonstrated their nature by the production of a specific

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is to identify the body or such parts of it as are forthcoming.

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aftorwanl wont into partnership with William Hunter in anatomic

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I should also hke to take the opportunity of drawing

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neuerer deutfcber Poeten und Denker geben. Wer beute nocb in der

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a child with a somewhat vague and indefinite history. There

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high as possible. The operator stands on the left side with his back

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Table 17. Pneumonias all. Admissions and deaths white and negro enlisted men in

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led to beHeve those provisions exclude persons from profes

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months of treatment does not indicate that a cure has been eflFected.

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w illing ness to wurk. Ability and desire are greatly

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attention. In several of the cases there has been no per

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inflammation of the mouth fauces and pharynx. The danger in this form

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class that systematic instruction is of greatest value

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iDcrease to an enormous extent so as to exceed by very many times

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