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condition of talipes varus resulting from infantile paralysis. As divi
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solution in the bottle after each determination. Under ordinary
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ing in size every third day is also described by this
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tion appears relatively late the deficient development
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g eat value the crippled condition of the patient is
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number of patients suffering from disseminated sclerosis
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should be given as to amount and frequency of dosage.
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added to the prognosis will be good. The injury may
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plete report now in the printer s hands. 1 do not think
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Two patients who became pregnant aborted in consequence of the
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ing powder one teaspoon vanilla one paper com starch
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appearance with thickened elevated and as we frec uently see everted
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College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in 1855 and on the
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sea level possesses certain peculiarities which we cannot assume
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preparations. The narcotic power of opium is lessened by certain states
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valuable asset to the AnuM ican Expeditionary Forces particularly in Paris
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practice it some do not know it and do not practice it.
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cut once and immediately sutured. As a rule the ring was sewn
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above with eyes untreated lids allowed to remain sealed and exudate to
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reduction of limonene liydrochloride witli sodium and alcohol at a tem
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department the attendances in 1920 numbered 142 730.
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albumen which is an exceptional condition the casts will bo more
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having recently been added from Manitoba the North West and British
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during the attack itself to spasm of the glottis or venous hyper
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and midwives. Obstetrics medicine is essentially the
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corpuscles. Slight albuminuria will also be present.
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through milk. The treatment is rest in bed for a while then proper
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portion of the heart and very clearly audible on applying the ear over
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dition is easily cured even without disinfecting the folds.
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with narrowing of their lumen and likewise thickening of the accompany
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tions which embellish the book the areas of impaired
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by Sir.Almroth furnish a most unfortunate example to
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Bivinonim Operum 1163 70 so to modify the original present
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sponding increase for females ages sixty and over liad
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tappings. The fluid from both cavities showed a lar e num
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taking by limiting this to occasions. While the spoiled child
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the peritoneum that membrane could not be found but
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auricular canal and the drum membrane somewhat reddened
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from perforation not one from the renal complication.
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used in a 50 per cent solution without causing disagreeable symp
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would in time have taken on. malignant change and certainly the treat
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tirely dependent upon the cutting off of the blood sup
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Etedman Capt. supposes the Africans to be cannibals 164
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articles furnish matter for interesting comparison though
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much benefit can be derived from quinine in divided
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larity in the s Tnptomatology between numerous clinical cases de
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The stable or cow house should be warm and the animal covered
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certain proportion of cases on which point the author s studies
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procedures in bone and joint tuberculosis have been
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typhoid fever in Baltimore is spread by milk. However if the
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my protest against the belief in the existence of rabies in
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to obtain better results in the treatment of the very dea dly pneumococcic
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Health Service dated Washington D. C 1917 appearing before us in
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the fingers and little coagulated. The lining of the aorta is
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together given at two day intervals and in a dosage of 2 of

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