L. Ron Hubbard
 Spiritual Pioneer

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The proportion of female carriers to the male is as five to one.

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there are physical signs of organic disease from the outset inequality of

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rare occurrence. They include Dresbach s syndrome in which the red cells

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Medical JornNAL are requested to commuuioate witb the Otllce

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sis by over stimulation of nerve centers or they may produce

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ture a horse is very strange. By what passage those not

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over head and back rub the body with ice and give a rectal

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pronounced the tumour to be a melanotic sarcoma. Such a

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is worth a pound of cure the publishers confidently present this

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Finally I will merely touch upon the marked influence which the

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ences in the pathological lesions. Why one patient with mitral stenosis

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without pneumonia. The respiratory insufficiency and cyanosis

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generally that the more pronounced symptoms when the tumour occupies

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