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inoculated individual however acts as a reservoir of infection and

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sprung from the normal body cells and still retain many

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The school is proceeding most wisely and will no doubt hold the epidemic

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there is more or less tendency to it throughout the

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its purport. That and the interviews on the subject at

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puce and the third and fourth were cases of retinal hypersesthesia

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eases to treatment it is lamentable that the later stages which come under

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generally given is that in the cases referred to the appearance of the

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exophthalmus or but a very trifling amount. In cases where

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that section. That gives the State Committee six papers to judge and it

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medium sized sweet potatoes left over and mash them nicely and mix in

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Regnoli in 1S3S devised a submental operation by dividing the

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pathways but athetosis does not. In several cases of athetosis recently

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anterior and posterior. The only unfavorable result seen after this

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sfibrded in deep seated inflammations such as tbat of the periosteum

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for in the bad cases it is better that the little patient

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Having an unsatisfactory apparatus which he used from time

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portion of glucose was added to healthy urine or to dis

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pregnancies if in the later stages of gestation the ovum especially the

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understood. Over this period the ethical principle that

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able extent there will be dullness but the note will have somewhat

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place was blood reached. An attempt to insert wire here was

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to form three layers red corpuscles white corpuscles and serum

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over a bunsen burner the toluol in the second tube was poured

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was only saved by injection of normal salt solution.

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