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tific efforts until cures under treatment began pouring
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fine pair of forceps a fragment of the third phalanx was extracted.
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II. Method to be Adopted to secure Adequate Treatment
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and in other diseases marked redness pain and fever were pro
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ing a hint of the existence of transverse presenta
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formerly used instead of reducing the hernia of the
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Dr. Etnil Abderhalden professor of physiology in the
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permit unexpected and suggestive groupings to show the chief bear
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anteriorly on the operated side. As will be emphasized later
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Although nearly a hundred species of mosquitoes are now recorded
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Molesworth Theodore Henderson St. Margaret s at Cliffe Dover
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the cerebrospinal fluid must play a very important role in the prevention
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Larvae and pupae of a fly belonging to the sub family Muscinae
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bread and milk. J Iother was resourceful truly she is childhQod s best
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very apparent but the highest characteristic not always present was
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suppression small doses cause diuresis and it may occa
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medical journals is tabooed as an undesirable proceeding only
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and 133 respectively. During the two years four million
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less he be a notorious quack refrain from uttering any words
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lound discardnig onlv those obviouslv nonpatho o r.
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that the disease formerly encountered mainly in tropical or
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of the association entitles the holder on the payment
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For tying large vessels near the heart or lying deep a material whose
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and the cuuilitions are Induced whicb most Jnapiontly load
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