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after her illness one month before the condition was discovered. A number
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contact with infection possibility is a prolonged one
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virulence and virulence aud good development of the germ
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The treatment of consumption in special institutions Dr. Richer
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It is a deserved compliment to one of the most active
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dilatation indicated by increased transverse dulness
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Spleen at La Pitie where in some cases Tj. was given
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Gccasious a warm bath being taken before and the applica
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immediate consequences of which are only an interstitial exuda
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sity of seeing that the cavities above the laiynx are absolutely
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known as lardaceous or waxy liver. It is due to prolonged suppura
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occurred to me that a similar method of development might take place in
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subject for operation to see to it that our patient receives the
is xanax or valium stronger
fully reorganized and the schedule revised. The following
is valium in the same family as xanax
laminae of connective tissue. The tissue surrounding the soft
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not damaging the anterior pillars when sponging aud however
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these cases after they recovered from the acuteness of the at
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in time and cost of transportation is to increase the available area
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lated in their series would seem to justify the follow
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War. In our army camps the disease carrier whether contact
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cattle were tuberculous. The tuberculin test was applied and not
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mountains seaward. This fact fixes to a large extent
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form in glycerine ten per cent solution in the early symp
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thirty of typhoid fever one hundred and forty three of malarial fevers four

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