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able results in gastro enterostomy and advise pylorectomy.
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followed by severe injury to the horse when the ground is hard.
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little to be gained by conservatism. A long process of treatment
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rile de San Miguel A9ores Eapport relatif a leur analyse
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room is made for them in part by a bellying out of the
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gauze and the skin flap sutured in position tubular drainage.
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varia had a compulsory vaccination law and their small pox rates per
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is presenting nothing peculiar. The situation of the rupture of
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interest but unable to manage their affairs unwilling to take
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Simple ulcers may be due to irritation from a sharp
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Stschastnyi eosinophil cells are found in any region in which haemolysis
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discussed. Of these the author seems to favor Roentgenization
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of the College des Garcons in which there were adequate and ample facilities
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veterinary training program that is a school at a large veterinary
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time he assured her she would be confined pains came on strong and
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profundus ganglion in the early embryos of Scyllium and regard
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Treatment. While the static wave current is indicated
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buiki and equip w ith preserving apparatus two mortuaries
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Veins simple forked or pinnate free not connected by cross branches
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thoughts to former scenes and conditions experienced
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tion of the diaphragm readily filled such violently opened
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the ureter about one third of the way from the renal pelvis to
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uncommon with the Arab it runs in too straight and low down
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therefore that some of the cases on record are not strictly to be
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brane. It may arise from the middle of the upper border of the
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reduction of vitality in these fatigued soldiers is
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perfect and it will be of considerable interest to examine
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method on the condition that he should not communicate them

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