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History. This plant is common to the Western States and is found
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Dr. TAYLOR Delhi. In my opinion prickly heat is more like
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tion. The third factor contributing to anemia in children is
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put upon that regimen which has been prescribed above.
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have a watery serous character. In many instances this form precedes the
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Cow. A mature female bovine that has given birth to one or mon
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by a germ or a mixture of different germs which get into
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first described almost simultaneously by J. Wickham
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puration had infected the neighboring genital tract.
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AUGEIOLETJCITIS. From Ayyftoi a vessel Xevxhq white terminal
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scarlet fever in public schools by providing against the return of children
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to the development at that age of the energies of the ner
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in separate buildings near to the Royal Infirmary but
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jures the lungs. Needless coughing must be controlled by will power. Medi
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such a handsome sum had been raised for Dr. Billings
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Toronto. Dr. Tilley graduated at Trinity College in 1892 and served on
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cannot always be found or may be very extensive or multiple.
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measurements that however is neither here nor there what we
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this question. It is estimated that the automatic reaction break
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And Plantus has said Is est honos homini pudico meminisse officium
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cases is always elevated running up to 103 F. or 104
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ever the weakness of the patient precluded operative procedures.
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its sheath it can be felt moving about according to the
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anaesthesia is established and sufficient dilatation thus accomplished or
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mucous membrane as we have already outhned p. 773. Any nervous
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ideopathic roaring has made its appearance apparently depending upon a
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I. Observations on the Fena eal Disease in Portugal as af
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the mallein test. Another advantage is that the blood serum of

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