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tion which at times it seems almost impossible to accomplish.

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ing almost to the exclusion of all other drugs. It is contraindi

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easily go beyond the bounds of reason. It must be remembered

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days of theirs when both were students with destinies undetermined.

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Nitrate of silver sticks may be used for marking the skin

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ecology. It is not to be denied that some very interesting work has

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slight febrile attacks and the causes of this instability are discussed

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some situations for an adequate circulation to be carried on through

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management is hygienic and symptomatic. When arteriosclerosis chronic

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ber 6th as stated in our last issue. A large number

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four blades of the spoon is perforated with a small

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attacked with a severe convulsion lasting several min

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for his digestive ability no matter how small the amount. Another

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