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the normal skin between appears in comparison pale and if cursorily

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most substantial addition to physical science and as pointed out

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and ceilings. Therefore the temptation always is to reduce the size and

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This is a fairly late and comparatively infrequent symptom although an

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downward and outward to reach margin of thyroid fora

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to inactivity by the apparatus. Thus the absorption of the extrava

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and the subsequent successful establishment of the Eclectic Medical Institute

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alveoli are collapsed and compressed and there is hemorrhage and fibrinous exudate showing

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cretinism specific treatment is sometimes successful.

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paper was widely commented upon at that time and I supposed

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strongly acid and almost caustic. It dissolves in three fourths of its

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internal secretion especially the hypophysis and possibly

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into the vitreous and therefore the large magnets are now

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The Effects of Temperature Submersion etc. on the Eggs of

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an interest in medicine and their keenness and intelli

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at an early stage by senior Territorial medical officers

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generally that the more pronounced symptoms when the tumour occupies

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months of pregnancy premature labor should be induced

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was easily stopped but four months afterward a more

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of milk broths and egg albumen. Milk often curds and is disagreeable.

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suture and the continuous inversion suture should not

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generations of biologically desirable ancestors behind him is pre

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voided loth day. Patient has had no recurrence October 20 1895.

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disease the causes or conditions which produce it are often still

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efficient emetic a teaspoonful of mustard in a quart of warm

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History. The Potato Fly though not so much employed as the

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ness with visitors from the rural districts though there

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It should always be remembered in considering these

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