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Autopsy. Extreme pallor of the visible mucous membranes. The
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Perhaps the greatest causes of summer complaint in children
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sized bore of one quarter of an inch enables an ample amount
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erect position hence the disappearance of the swelling
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receiver where it is absorbed by the water. With this absorption there
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two months ago. Tbe lady informed me that the boy ha
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rience leads him to regard picric aaid as one of the most
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assistant can easily work tipping the patient slowly thereby not dis
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of the structure of the lens a process of decay. No defi
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that of the monarchischen Unterordnung which Lipps has more lately
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general way this appears to be true although there are so many modifying
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thicker and more extended false membranes in patches of
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Hospital Assistant Ophthalmologist and a Chief of Clinic
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ing spells. His wife is living and is somewhat of a
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lations and the areas of the so called nodular broncho pneumonia. These
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to postpone the reading of my paper until the next meeting.
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enormous numbers of what looked like miliary tubercles with a few
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iportance. All the clothes and excretions of the patient should be dis
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cathartic with griping nausea prostration and watery stools from
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J i HN n 0RE MD Honorary Secretary 2. Carlisle Terrace Belfast. Februarv
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contents into peritoneum. Where this viscus has contracted adhe
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result of our Yankee hurry time and means to roll in the
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served to keep the practice of surgery out of their hands.
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DiscTscs of Children for Nurses. IncludinR Feeding
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restoration of the normal breathing means of steam obtained by boiling
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I iDcreaae in the flow of saliva and gastric juice and powerfully j
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Hence aa influenced by these factors and conditions we may have

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