L. Ron Hubbard
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be considered an argument in favor of the theory that these cells are

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fine needle and very fine silk. The results of such suturing were always

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the establishment of t antiseptic hospitals dispensaries and societies of a

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from the operation whenever he cannot find false membranes

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from suppression and jaundice the result of obstruction two forma of disease

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East and it is one of the things that should be recognized

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to retard consolidation even when the soft structui es heal

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tialities flies should be prevented access to dwelling houses wherever

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gel Professor of Medicine University of Pennsylvania

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burg. Among his descendants of the present generation is

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l e slightly greater than among non consanguineous.

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Epidemic Cerebro spinal Meningitis is an acute germ

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influence of the ether passes oft. The following may be

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To an extent unusual in authors of his nationality M. Delorme has

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to 5000 cases. The last case a doubtful one died September

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a very large polygonal building surrounding an open court

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lung may be involved but pneumonia is rather a coexisting disease

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experience however does not permit of any definite statement on

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ered the best. As to the use of hot water he had not

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as the near point an object whose image is 30 cm. from the

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the prostate by the perineal method without opening th

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though hereditary susceptibility in many other diseases may be

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partly unabsorbed acting on the same structures as before

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still great so long as each motor act is ineffective in

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require an inordinate effort for their thorough opening. How

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adjacent lay the patient with a beautiful picture of dispair on his

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Dr. Worcester of Cincinnati whose early death is much to be

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infants are much more in demand and further developed

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course is slow beyond expression and the disease very rebellions

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tion is whether a sufficiently marked distinction exists between what

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