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soluble in carbon disulphide glacial acetic acid and in fixed

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ease which induces inflammation of the throat attacks persons of a scrofulous

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necessary to amputate the other leg the patient endured the operation with

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Minor a 10 solution of protargol on each successive day

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as into the bronchi or alimentary canal or urinary passages. More un

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of a rest. To the clinical surgeon this statement is

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high as possible. The operator stands on the left side with his back

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monly seen in calves and lambs where hair wool or food

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The other sentiment that of the union of the members of the

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pending convulsions but they were kept in abeyance by potas

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and Robbins ovoid pills Hazeline and Burrough s ammonia inhaler for

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Preparation. Triturate Oil of Spearmint half ajixtidrachm with Car

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appalling figures and no doubt spread much alarm not only in

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M. K. Moroau le ere liomme d honneur et de grand merite

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thyroids and a whirring and blowing that may be heard by

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may become positively dangerous a result that must never be

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quarter of an ounce of cubebs. Take a wine glassful three

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be impossible to give all the seriously wounded accommodation

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brain causing characteristic symptoms of meningitis is rather

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I believe it should be tried in all cases of severe pneumococcus infection.

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surgical side for operation. I think it was the most

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Soon after the adjustment of this instrument it was ascertained

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micrococci existed in the pus. The clots in and around the ankle

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vented and London would in his opinion be amply provided with

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