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ing the pregnancy was unjustifiable. This of course was not
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mucosa or fibrous laj er and on top of this the mucosa.
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tions are the resulting expressions of the irritation of both
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cussion but gave to the fingers on palpation the sen
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through the skin at several points. The abscess however
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with the finger where the hair is scanty. In white skins they vary
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To determine the effect of benzoic acid on urinary acidity 1 gm.
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and lead to distention which may be troublesome as one of
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and had also repeatedly vomited. The urine was of high specific grav
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be as fully submitted as possible I lay the communication itself before
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voke urine. An old author aifirms that there is a very great
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sent are extra to and not in diminution of the supply
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Lactation in the aged has been frequently noticed. Amatus Lusi
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needle tube and funnel which is simple and kept aseptic with
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tion. Typhoid bacilli were cultivated from the spleen liver and
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ments of said manufacturers are subsequently accepted for publica
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In the last session of Congress of the United States at Washington
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the country is only a matter of time. They are assured
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ing in the second stage by artificial delivery forceps or
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Herpetomonas Tropica Wright the Parasite of Cutaneous
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In the gassing investigations use was made of a simple apparatus which
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But this being so that is the manufacture of imitation products
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tirely of all danger in the matter. Let us hope that
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but to a less extent the following streets were visited which are situate
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grammes. East has found it weigh 130 pounds Roberts and Gregory
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To Ihe Editor One week ago there was organized in this

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