L. Ron Hubbard
 Spiritual Pioneer

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were in favour of ample accommodation being provided for London but

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uterus two small fibroid tumours about as large as chestnuts were

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difhcult. and genemlly it is only on post mortem examination tha the

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confirmed by abdominal operation. The others were diagnosed in

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all cases for which the use of iodoform glycerine is usually

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should both be abandoned. Internal urethrotomy is the

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fact that may have been due to the pliability of the catheter.

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treme rarity if indeed they are ever encountered while cases due to this

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life limb and organs of the body from worse conditions by

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diagnosis of predisposition in tuberculosis therapeutic consld

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occlusion of a duct or many small occlusion cysts from chronic interstitial

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number of new cells are produced. The mucous glands furnish an

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laris externus supplies the hyoidean group of ampullae. It

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sured of a marked relaxation of the pelvic articulations ap

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lish the fact that the blindness was not the result of the

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slow pressure but soon regaining their former size when this is suspended.

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tho public should have tho courage and honesty to give

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symptoms appear in the upper extremities. This period of ataxic para

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vidual cases is very variable in its character and in the frequency

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and the other of hsemorrhagic endometritis there was a slightly

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upon the landlord may exist between the above parties.

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of the disease. Material from bacteriologically sterile pus

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spreading like erysipelas along the subcutaneous cellular

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convalescence and the period may be prolonged with a gradual return of

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fornia. He was a non resident member of The Massa I

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conutry in which it is engaged but the question of whore

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