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very closely the marrow from two normal individuals.

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grains Lard seven drachms. Rub together in a mortar.

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that the instruction imparted is hardly of the kind that

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tinctly paretic and there is slight deviation of the tongue to the right.

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preeence of bacilli in the sputa renders the presence of phthisis probable

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tities for several successive days it exerts no influ

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labia majora of the endometrium severe disease of the

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a verdict of deafness. The doctor guided by a kindly

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advantage iu this instance again that the dose of omnopon

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growing larger with wasted waxy limbs enlarged veins

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are found in the small intestine. There is often dis

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hospitals and sanatoria were asked in the name of Prof. Kitasato

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ficial effects of alcohol might be looked for with

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bands often met Avith in the abdominal cavity and whiuh are only a

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obtained on application to the Secretary 10b Excliauge

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result of our Yankee hurry time and means to roll in the

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in these departments may be left either to themselves or to the

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The lameness rapidly increases and often to such a degree indeed

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in which tersely and accurately to state its results. In the nomen

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Public Health Service and can be extended as necessary. It is well

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After introducing into the preputial cavity the guarded

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The rigidity still continues for a while it disappears very gradu

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Anthrax supplied 70 cases with 7 deaths a higher death

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the fresh condition. A short flagellate seen in the stained smear is shown

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next annual meeting of the House of Delegates at the

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