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cardiograms from a presumably normal heart. However there

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Hall is also extremely delicate. A small frog is held by

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Cholecystenterotomy is a modern operation on the biliary passages

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nasal adenoids or enlarged faucial tonsils removed.

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dysthyroidism exists. Dysthyroidism up to the present

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only on one side. Under this influence the animal scratches with

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oesophagus again is rarely interfered with to any material degree

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has been of vast benefit in general to the people of

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wish to emphasize here is the simple fact that all the symptoms

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will reimrt in person to the Surgeon General of the

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of many old ones. The additions more than one hundi ed

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gland. Distinct wasting may only commence after one or two years.

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tion such as the infirmary. A great many people talk

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and then and here and there over the whole world do

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and the maintenance of the supply of clinical material for

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influence of environmcutal and economic conditions.

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these characteristics lend proof to the assumption that it lias a

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contrived by his shrewd humour arrogant simplicity

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by lectures ami personal conversation that mere printed

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taste is symptomised by violent efforts to tomit sharp pains in

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favorable instances of quickly developing severe lesions which

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cultures there are appearances which seem to indicate thai

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development in G. morsitans that the human trypanosome can be

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building up. For horses and cattle give a teaspoonful three

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with other anomalies mentioned where definite weight bearing occurs. In

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Rhubarb and Cardamom in powder with Diluted Alcohol allowing

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