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bifid at the extremity. These changes are also functional.

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The members of the college faculty are requested to sub

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which the wearer complained of its causing irritation

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observed in patients having true rheumatic endocarditis rheumatic mani

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list of poisons included under the Pharmacy Act. The new bill allows any

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vibrator and the portable vibrator attachable to an electric Hght

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no haemorrhage has occurred but at this moment a slight gush of

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thrust in and even the lower ribs and ensiform cartilage yield to

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tissue and a small quantity of a bitter substance which

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sorrows of mankind are as many as the philanthropist may well ear he

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cludes that the arteries of the cortex of the brain are not

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of the digestive enzymes of the stomach and small intestine for a period

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benefited bv hypnotism. His last depressed period was very favour

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fants in the Tropics. The pediatrist and the general

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mentioned for the treatment of scratches to clean and cool the

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be excluded. Hutchinson states that in such cases there is an arterio

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possible of our grain and hay. No doubt however but this is good

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and on the other it runs out into several irregular flat appendices.

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number present at the moment was twenty nine and according

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I sav nothing of the wastage of paper and expenditure in

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between the age of entering and graduation does not count for

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four times in every twenty four hours since. When the vomiting commen

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tube by allowing the solution to flow through until of the right

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The current view is that this tumour arises from the endothelial cells lining

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an appetite the principal cause of the most aggravated

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twenty two begins medical study. She is ready for practice at

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St. Bartholomew s Hospital The Governors of thirty copies

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Pain and paresis of left arm but no numbness. Tenderness on

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