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local conditions. Bermuda grass Cynodon dactylon Pers. locally
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of indigo in urine. Heller Heller s Archiv 1845 extracted
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many indeed this part may he a maas of ulcerations with small bits
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Arnoldoff successfully treats antlirax by deep injections of
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referred to injustices frequently done the profession by the public
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form suitable for study and comparison. In some groups it was
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nary circulation. When the vaso molor derangement affects the kid
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had facets on their faces showing that they had been in constant
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in treatment as result of incorrect diag Conclusions.
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heart or vessels. Structural disease or fatty degeneration of the
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The Cunical Congress of Surgeons of North America will hold
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of the association entitles the holder on the payment
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he dismiss absolutely the idea of malingering and remember that a dis
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edly acts powerfully on the neurovascular system. Un
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place. The cover glass is laid down with the spread side uppermost and
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Canaries helped by the favoring trade winds revealed land where
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Bernard who supposed that pancreatic proteolysis cannot takp place without
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Excluding injuries venereal diseases and alcoholism 9. 80
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cases tlie author finds advantage in tlie powerful corrective
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the prophylactic virtues of this invaluable blessing are undoubted and prove so
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put and answers fully and correctly supplied. A table of
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But her will was a handsome apology for all her lit
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rather by a well balanced judgement. Although by no
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ports the brain and supplies the nerves with a protective
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Etiology. L ratic infiltration is due to deficient excretion
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thoracic nerves. They travel by the several rami com
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creatitis. Opie i from an exhaustive study of 29 cases of
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extremely well and I can recommend it to you with great confidence.
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sodium bromid with 30 or 40 drops of fluid extract of viburnum
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and general stimulants. As in other animals ulcers may be
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thirteen are the greatest inventions of our century or not all
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sensitively alive to changes of weather. It was with great difficulty and
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alus latifo lius seu luth yris Galarrhce us Lath y
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Having an unsatisfactory apparatus which he used from time
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have a peculiar rather agreeable odor and a sweetish
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ble evolution from the sexual cells of the testicle. Tumors
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the supports and the weight of the organ may persist and spontaneous
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total quantity fifty ounces acid specific gravity 1.008 al
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alveoli are collapsed and compressed and there is hemorrhage and fibrinous exudate showing
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you may arrive at a conclusion that there can be no such thing
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cient indication for operation the wish of the patient to be
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tinued for about two minutes and repeated every two or
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between two areas which even before the neuron joins them
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The Army Appropriation Bill as reported February 11 by the Senate
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tbe cojor to citron yellow red or dark chestnut smell and
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cured of symptoms by incision of the capsule and renal puncture.
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forwards in the womb then slip your hand down along the
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Mindanao district of Zamboanga on trunks and logs along streams alt.
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pursuance of a mandate given to it by tho Couucil a year
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served the orifice of the bony p ortion of the Eus
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good volume the arteries were somewhat sclerosed. The
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a piece of bone a small cyst containing a brownish fluid was
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occurs also upon pressure the latter is indeed the more common.
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Webb Gerald B. Blood platelets and tuberculosis 743
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In the remaining cases of the acute group the symptoms or history
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and ninety six Turkish and Arab children have been vaccinated in the
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utilized aggravated exaggerated and retained by it. Careful examination
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healed. Sometimes they are gt edunculated but often they lie between
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aggressive toward dogs and fowls which animals they pursue
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an enormous abdomen. Passing up over the left half of the
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of the same year he had an attack of suppurative perityphlitis and
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placed so that draft prevented absorption by inhalation of the vapors.
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is caused in part by the stimulating influence which the latter exerts
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This is the most potent and speedily fatal of all the poisons acting
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influence of environmcutal and economic conditions.
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through the mouth air passes in considerable quantity into the
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irritation of the gauze acting like a foreign body
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dyeing cotton goods. The supply was not entirely uniform or reliable
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study of the milk supply and the well directed administration
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performed a successful myomectomy. The operation was
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wounding several of the members. He was arrested and brought to Detention
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ous vessels are ruptured with the formation of ecchymoses in
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of geology but it is impracticable within the limits of this paper
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done. There are two factors here involved the first one is the
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The 5th group comprises patients with achifUa grastrica
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articles furnish matter for interesting comparison though
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den. Rontgenologisch Cor pendulum von unternormaler Grosse.
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can be most favorably influenced by its application.
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Immunity is usually afforded after the first attack.
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thus The fat particles as they ascend carry with them mechanically a
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Scarlatina. In four ordinary wards during ten years there were 99

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