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of clotted blood and my first thought was to find the

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Medical Examinations in Switzerland. Dr. Humphry presented

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selection of members of the teaching staff. To become

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The Committee has expressed the opinion that all such

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immediately she was made straight Her case seems in

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are spreading more and more. Considering the manifold theoretical

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are occupied by indurations the result of extravasation of blood into

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Philadelphia describes the symptomatology as based upon

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The fistulization was good the iridectomy was ample and the

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to the Denver City and County Hospital. 318 Majestic

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s anptoms not severe and no high fever. There is usually a large

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been stated in regard to the course of the lymphatics

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both arms straight forward for a time a slight occasional twitch was

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this practice at the same time brings the circulation into better co

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collected and tested for sugar. This requires about twenty or thirty

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any of the cases. In all these cases the wound closed without leaving

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increased. Moderate dilatation of the superficial veins of the

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of the nervous elements with destruction of tbe inter

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with tincture of opium to allay the burning. Exposure to

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as tea garden medical officers should be warned as to the

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since it occurs only at intervals the attacks of dyspnrea are intermittent.

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any way becoming connected with the cells of the latter.

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referred to the conflicting statements by Wright and

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University of Berlin b. Friedburg Hessen April 21 1849. Student of Medicine

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a patient alive for some time without much inconvenience or trouble.

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tremely sensitive in metritis and the appendages are

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tappings. The fluid from both cavities showed a lar e num

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