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and although time and care might be necessary to iheir introductioD
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fieitis and cholecystitis inilammations of the biliary ducts are little
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The participants seemed to suffer greatly from tympanites which was gener
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Tlie true value of local treatment in pelvic disease is
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I. Erection ok turgescence of the inferior turbinated
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the expectation based on the known pressor influence of pituitary
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gus 21 hepatic artery 22. spleen 23 pylorus. In this cut the
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dustrial Commission before installation. By so doing they
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at right apex front and back breath sounds feeble over dull area.
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told him of the state of cardiac depression he seemed rather surprised
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bler and dropping into it some of the urine to be tested.
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The Law of Acceleration. The acceleration of a body is equal to
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endeavouring in each case to adapt its charges to the means of the
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by this means the brain would be more fully supplied
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hydrogen sulphide marsh gas and carbon dioxide in excess.
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the section in which the microbes are growing. If the object of
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in our climate and in our inhabitants we must conclude that in the
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conclude that this affection is of much more frequent occurrence
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and dairy farmers with a guide for the chemical control of dairy
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sues plays an important part in the treatment of sarcoma of the
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in t e ijealing offbeat ana t ji matte bee taken tin tbe
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burning and fulness with tenesmus straining difficulty in defaecation and
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a brief and mild course and thus readily escape notice. Out
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interpreted so differently that it is still uncertain just what the true
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cites an mstance occurring in South Africa. A native shearing sheep for a
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lumination of all the sinuses and nasal examination of
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be prohibited in any state contary to law. The bureau will be in
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crossing in front and bearing a weight on each side
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it is usually manifested by symptoms resembling those
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April 24th. The following officers were re elected
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spontaneous recovery or one due to treatment is not at all
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of Natural Sciences. Wednesday November 13th Phila

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