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No. 3 Spring Gardens. Early next morning we sauntered
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mococci and influenza bacilli are shipped through the
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cecent years it was supposed that the neuritis first affecting
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mined by foreign bodies as pins flsh bonesi amp c.
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effects also are more immediate and more manifestly perceived hj
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has been a retrobulbar neuritis with subsetiuent atrophy
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thematous blush in affected areas may be seen among the lighter
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temperature. This was apparently a resultant of the lowered pulse rate and
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ments of the intestinal loops disperse the septic li uids beyond the
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eases warm water will be preferable for softening the horn. Where
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in six drop doses thrice daily. The local application did
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before expiring he expressed a wish for a drink of xcaJlrm water
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in the distance the great and glorious triumph that awaited determined
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sian statutes therefore were not unjustifiably harsh in denying that a
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the dose too great and reduced it and since then various unpleasant
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them. A recent Italian writer reports a cure following
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injecting o a nd yV of grain of atropine intravenously. The ventricular rate
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soda flour enough to make a stiff dough drop on tins
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does not cause tuberculosis. The tuberculin test may also be
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or Simpson s followed by plugging with oiled lint or introduction
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ble Sickness is more popular in the army than elsewhere if only for
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mode of formation of the stones and secondly as to the surgical treatment
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first year. To those who have used it nothing need be said
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ings the speakers will be the Government delegates who have been
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would constitute a serious objection to protracted efforts at Teductfon
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patient on the floor and with the utmost difficulty a sub
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age period of nine to twelve months diagnosis 2 faulty judgment in the
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gall bladder in correspondence with the reaction toward the
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active fermentation the oidium albirans particles of
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remaining cases. Tliere were six atjortions or lO.T c 4 j were
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of his assistants past and present Drs. Norman Grahiam
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day specialism was at a discount nay practically in contempt as
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contents difficult. The redundant portion of the saf was then
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the introducers of a vast number of new drugs in particular senna
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similar manner. He then proceeded to discuss the methods

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