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will be about twice the size of life is nearly com
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the stomach is in a avorable condition for the diffusion of the
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and extensive thrombosis of the meningeal veins extendinof over a large
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service at home and in the colonies. The course extends over
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prescription ten drops every two hours until morning.
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disperse themselves throughout the muscular system.
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the smaller abattoirs. The aggregate number of these
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usually the latter and often blood stained though there is not the same
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the local nutrition of the organ itself may act in conjunction with the
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marked cardiac weakness. These may be due to an anaemic condition of
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Teutons during the summer Hindenburg Ludendorf and the
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cation for mission medicine was rejected because she was unmarried.
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it down and the limbs break into innumerable pieces which
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What is the significance and explanation of this albumin
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author s cases might be given. Unfortunately however this has
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In reply I inclose you a copy of Circular.501 Revised dated
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has been found in Euboea. 2 Both of these seem to be
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called railway spine which when standing alone and unsupported by
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language their elements are often absolutely without
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months of treatment does not indicate that a cure has been eflFected.
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Yellowish or reddish appearance. The animal can see but very
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which neither the wasting showers the unavailing north wind or innum
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basic mineral materials in neutral and assimilable form influ

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