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bined. In obstinate cases apply Goulard s extract of lead diluted
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w i8 examined no changes were found of any kind. The alterations
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cation to hypertrophies and follicles. It can be weakened as
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Quinquaud applies a ten per cent ointment of aristol though
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which has not in America justified the praise of European authors.
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Dracontia tatine dracuculus colubrirj cy fcrpentaria dkitur angli
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ter is such as to greatly facilitate ready reference. It
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ymptoras. Further experiments showed that the pollen in the atmos
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tion. This should be done when the swelling closes the eye and
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Neale speaks of alkaline injections when the vaginal secretions
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irregular motions. The trembling follows ti certain order in it
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after convalescence was also disinfected typhoid fever
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ries. Now as the walls of these obstructed vessels are not properly
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author states that during the quinquennial period from
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finger and toe nails formed and distinct eyes open eye
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the symptomatology. If the lumen of the aorta is encroached on

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