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Obtainable by Students at St. Bartholomew s Hospital.

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tenotomy followed by the injection of liquid vaseline. The treatment of

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to complete advantage when its precise action upon each of the

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of potters families had fallen to 50 with 14 cases of lead

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when regular examinations of samples of public water supplies were

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lished and the science of medicine has been since extraordinarily

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extract from the proceedings of the American Medical Association

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statement is made that the spermatozoa show motion only when mingled with

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sillar and extratonsillar vciscls and severe haemorrhage

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or transferred to the opposite side by various procedures the application

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sage to the stomach while it seems to do duty in mastication it

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Health of San FRANCi8C0. The total number of deaths for the month of

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chequer Mr. Lloyd George stated that the equivalent grauf

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Forks returned to their homes both pronounced the case as one of

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death there was found hsemorrhagic infarction of the lower

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Jetsy of Downshay Purbeck a farmer being quite conversant with

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tative fashion at about the beginning of the Christian Era but does

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ing should be prescribed. Besides inhalations against

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specific character. It so happened at the time of the visit that

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hernia Being due to the presence of a congenital sac

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object towards which effort should be directed and residence In

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stitutional infection from diphtheritic poison. No age

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said All are derived from the spore in becoming elongated and

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When vesication or ulceration occurs water dressing or poultices

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soft myoma and the incision was subsequently closed by

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