L. Ron Hubbard
 Spiritual Pioneer

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ostentatiously displayed by female graduates of colleges
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inches shorter than the right wjth a large bowing oat
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him by the most critical of judges his foreign contem oraries
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soon required in connexion with an art which is develop
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the tonic muscular contraction. The treatment was repeated
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The position at the left of the principal mass put the liver out
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of the Faculty and have been excused from further work for the
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patients the ears in ariably yielded the specimen promptly while
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teeth. Tobacco leaves have long been a constituent of the buyo
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forms only is the primary cause of this lowered resistance and
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only the internal limiting membrane is well preserved. The pro
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by the damp a fungus very similar to that found in the same
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With reference to what we believe will ever be recognized surgical
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of his assistants past and present Drs. Norman Grahiam
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space to offer a few general remarks upon the subject.
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of ult irior motives and would lose caste with his col
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she had been bleeding without pain for five weeks and
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being mental hebetude somnolence ysm is variable from a few hours to
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current induced in the second wire called by him current of the
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Therefore most of them would have to be used in impossibly large
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high convex lens and thrown into the eye from opposite sides.
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rationi praefecto infunditur ac quo fit ut fetus in matris suae utero
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complication once during the period of subsidence and in the
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noticed 6 years before. Average case Very nervous skin pig
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Some persons cannot go to sleep for hours after going to
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this operation are the Keyes Reverdin needle Fig. 4263
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admission when acute pain returned with vomiting. She again
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to remembrance the fact that in the very large majority of cases the
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wards are some seventy beds fully occupied by well tended

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