L. Ron Hubbard
 Spiritual Pioneer

has been a revolutionary advance in the osteopathic

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of dry vegetables or milk. The alkaline treatment should be

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restoration to a healthy condition through the use of the Ethe

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lymph flocculi and urea. The ventricles may contain from twenty to

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Alcoholic stimulants must be given with great care and only to prevent

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off limb was operated upon fifteen days later the splints were

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the Mulford Biological Laboratories. The study of the effects of

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badly ventilated rooms where the carbonic acid gas gradually increased until

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previous enfeeblement of the organism we have the symptoms

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merely accidental and depending on compression hence the former

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principle was involved. After considerable discussion the

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ring ot the test tube being avoided. Biliary urines

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hausting itself ever after until it at last expires

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strange smells and destruction of the nerve to loss of the function.

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wheat oats cooked vegetables of all kinds meats cooked and raw fruit

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position of president was reported as well as good progress of

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sylvania Professor of CUnical Medicine in the Phila

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position by personal pathologic findings but I hope that some

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Student I should think so for these lateral horn motor cells

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degrees subject to the several changes described above.

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The case alluded to was remittent in form temperature high

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Yardley Road Sanatorium etc. 4 Assistant Resident Medical

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Finally the word was given for the fifth heat. Fullerton went to

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trary effect to that desired. Cantharides Turpentine and Borax probably

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this species which possess similar medicinal virtues as the Senecio Bal

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