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becomes fixed and is deformed by adhesions and perisplenitis. The shape

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The reason for this lies not in the experimental error which

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declared to cease on September 1st 1921 but I understand

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man. Coccidivim bigeminum in dogs coccidium oviforme in rabbits coc

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tains chanoines d Angers avoient perdu leur proces et memo

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rare instances it may be normal. The ligaments are all

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admitted and a committee was appointed for the purpose of arranging

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prescription for cigarettes to be smoked to relieve the

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in the throat. If the lymphatics of the tonsil do anasto

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The committee recommended to the council that the preliminary

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until almost clear the last hour. None of the left kidney speci

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contain many articles from Dr. Nunez s pen. He also published

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But even in those cases one should 1 think give them up

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such Candidate on admittance to the Diploma of Fellow.

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tion terminating in sclerosis which principally involves

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the anterior ones can be shortened and the foot maintained in the proper

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environing antagonisms to which the organism must adapt itself

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rism from muscular effort fatal hemoptysis in phthisis

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EquaUy infelicitous with your reflection ou the Senate is

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