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tors into too rash speculations. The theory according to which

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The isolation of Aarious bacteria from the mesenteric lymph

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the many means by which this dread disease may be dissemin

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In intermediate forms where there is evident phthisis but no great

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panied with vertigo and dimness of sight. She has been

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If our government would back up financially a careful study of this one

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it is always associated with tubercle in the lungs

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Not alone in the practice of bis profession was Dr. Tar

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connected with the eruption of the teeth in young animals and to

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in 1920 and that the present year will show a reduction.

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following method of dealing with the situation was sug

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tories related to hematology and blood banking. The

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Bill came before the House he should oppose the granting of the power

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Bernard Naunyn 18Ht gt son of a burgomaster of Berlin

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Chart D gives the rates for discharges for disabihty for the Army

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take the medicine for a single morning he felt depressed and imequal

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chloroform is used in his opinion. This doctrine would be

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the great majority of cases but which is not always sustained by

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English speaking colleagues by assuming the humble but from their

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Association of American Physicians. The thirteenth annual meet

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constantly stretched and relaxed and the muscles are

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of which 90 per cent were polymorphs lymphocytes 7. and

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tively comfortable by evening. She only vomited once.

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Osier Professor of Medicine in Johns Hopkins University will deliver

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proved that 120 persons were employed in the rooms in question

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lish and increase the discharge. In some cases where the discharge has

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