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markedly relieved. After its administration there is

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is worth dozens of brilliant abdominal enucleations

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there is a development of tuberculosis that proves fatal

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inmates of the Batavia N. Y. School for the Blind lost their

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lated might lead to infection of human beings. There is a

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The report of the medical officer of health for the fortnight ending

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recently celebrated his one hundred and sixth birthday. Mr. Salmon was

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ciation meetings. Being a recognized authority on the.se sub

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state what steps were taken iu the series of cases juoted.

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it has largely remained ever since. It was constantly

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may judge by the remarks of Professor v. Schrotter of

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ing parts till it forms a large unfightty ulcer. More

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found the treatment of the ulcers rather unsatisfac

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branes. It is said to have been used with excellent

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circumstances and which give rise to the filaments. These sporidia and

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there is nothing in the laws to prevent the experiments

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number of observatories within two years and that it would be

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disease is one of an entire lobe involvement we use elec

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prostration. The pulse at first is full and bounding and

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mentally both with virulent and with non virulent diphtheria

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been observed in Mexico Brazil the Argentine Republic and within the

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increased in size they preserve their normal shape and their consistency is

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sacrum causes pain and the tail and buttocks are soiled

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stages its excitability is one of its most characteristic features. The

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dition of the patient. If this will admit of the imme

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sounds and very numerous moist rales over the entire lower lobe.

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