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sician. Suffering very severe pain only relieved by a hypoder
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his preface says My aim in writing this book has been to place
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from 24 to 72 hours during which time the patient in severe cases
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smoke of the burning powder it is used to relieve cough
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Horse Natural History of the. The horse comes under the
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Pardee I. H. An acute descending radicular type of epidemic encepha
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Dr. Hewatt thought they might apply to the Attorney
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Bennet Christopher. Theatri Tabidorum vestibulum seu exerci
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suffering from dropsy and dyspnoea patients whose waxy skin and
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Locke describes very much the same thing at MontpeUier in 1675 and the
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Si nous rappelons les prodromes du coup de chaleur nous verrons la difference
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tion in young animals and in old ones from indigestion causing pain in
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should be made as follows Scald a pail throw out the water.
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various venereal and cutaneous affections. It can be used in papil

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