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I shall say little in regard to draining the abdominal

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Now it is without question evident that the organism can

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tigo which was soon followed by a complete facial paraly

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aniesthesia is of spinal origin. Neither the sensory nerTes

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condition of the urinary organs which leads to paralysis and

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of old bones rags brooms and various other things for which

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that were ample to distinguish them. In agriculture and manufacture

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been written on the subject of the maturation of the ovum and

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cases in which I aspirated in Manila in not one did I

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running from 99 to 100 remained normal. After the second

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year 18S1. The gentlemen whose names are marked with an asterisk

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man suggests that the pneumonia of the disease is not the true croupous

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opinion after a careful examination of it that nothing can

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without a pillow in a darkened room. A competent nurse

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firmed by necropsy at that time the colour index had again become

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auriculo temporal or of the great auricular and small occipital nerves.

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to the stomach curative to the blood comfortable to the parts

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delightful freedom from textbook rigidity and we strongly

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impurities. Drinks of hot lemon water should be taken

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Dose. For horses and cattle 1 ounce or 4 tablespoonfuls

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and ptostrated. The tissues were dry. The physical examination of heart and

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these individuals reveals. It is not the least service rendered by

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of Galen Hippocrates and Avicenna. The Composition and

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In camp however the men have practical experience in build

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