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and together they administer funds remaining in the hands

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likely to lead a man who tried to grapple with them into

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fitting. Photograph taken four days after application of mesh.

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rated but that it is an effective agent is shown by

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experiments performed by Tullio Gayda who found that the edema

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veins of the neck are fully distended we may determine in very

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are contained Sloane MSS. 3293. It is a book in small

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Sanitary Police. Sarcoptic scabies of the Horse is not comprised

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raw surfaces were then lightly touched with Paquelin s cauterv

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can attach itself to the person or clothes of an occasional attendant in

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whatever it may be showing itself undera variety of forms and names too

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whatever has caused it give a dose of physic consisting of

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individuals the cells and thus are nothing more than communities

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pendently. There are living male examples of this form of

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Chronic Hydrocephalus. Its atinlogy is not clear. Judging from the

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of absence in California have returned to Fort Rodman Mass.

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Let us study together the clinical features of this dis

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be overlooked should an operation be demanded. Anemia

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in one eye a special reason must be sought. This is

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as they come up nov are much better equipped than they have

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