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every disease that the human family is subject to and they can

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Paralysis of the external plantar very seriously interferes with

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that as a result of more careful and perfect operative

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capable of causing an increase of heat production and tempera

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same way while attempting to improve this condition. We cannot rely

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with almost constant sleeping. At this stage after putting him under

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attends acute pleurisy. On close questioning the patient will state that

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epithelium when infected exhibits cloudy swelling becomes loosened

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or secondly the amount and kind of material coTimimed

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wan San Antonio Bay 5247 Merrill October. 1906. Balabac 5385 Merrill

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cians seem utterly indifferent. The lawyers are awake

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general distention of the whole organ the tips of the

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splenic infarcation. have now been mounted for four

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quainted with the literature of the subject the number of recorded

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are more nearly in equilibrium and that thereafter katabolism

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e. Member Ontario Provincial Boardof Health Consul

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in the distribution of the external popliteal nerve. Eight months

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of these and of this number sixty eight or 2.2 were diagnosed as

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violently with the result of weakening and slowing the

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ently an infarct the supplying arteries being severely changed. The striking

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it and the milk dealers had fallen in with it when there

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in using a paint brush than in carrying half hundredweights

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differentiation from other acute and painful abdominal af

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free air 6 rdaxed lung c high abdominal viscera d gas bacillus

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