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several traditions and popular conceits of venomous beasts

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a clear idea of treatment until the distinction is made.

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properly be used in case of war between civilized nations

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taken at haphazard make even the crudest tests and the most superficial

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tions etc. which must not only be persisted in but must

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Fatebson p. The treatment of ascites by drainage into the subcutaneous

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illustrating the portrayal of diseases and deformities in

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impeded and a noisy and crou y respiration is present i gophony is

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racing. But in the smaller categories we have very inter

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further a consequence of this tendency that the limit and localisation

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and Galen. We have besides particular notices of him by PUnj Cioero etc.

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tation by gwni catheters It is admitted we believe almost

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cases the muscles of the neck and the diaphragm are involved and finally

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contraction of the muscle when stimulated with the positive pole is gri atcr

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primitive activities of the nervous system at an earlier

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and terminations of cardiac injuries to indicate that the prognosis must

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case mentioned by Koenig in his text book on surgery.

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which there is a great tendency throughout the progress of the complaint.

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the onset of yellow fever but knowing that his immediate superior was

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the patient improved greatly and three months after she was comfortable but

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Dr. Margaret Tyler is Assistant Resident in Obstetrics and

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ing the Dutch Wounded in the Transvaal from which the following

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Medical Education. The following certificate was sent

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months the greater tide is that which arifes when the moon is below

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time without appearing to do any mischief yet being a foreign

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Human wastes are properly cared for either by sewers where available

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habit of falsehood was in all cases of long duration and underlying

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